Caviar Asetra

265.29 AED7,900.00 AED

It is obtained from the Ossetra sturgeon which weighs 50-400 pounds and can live up to 50 years.



Asetra (ossetra) caviar varies in color from deep brown to gold. Lighter varieties are more sought after,but as they have the richest flavor and come from the oldest of sturgeon.The word Ossetra is the transcription of the genitive case form “осетра” (osetra, ‘of sturgeon’) of the Russian word “осётр” (osyotr ‘sturgeon’) from the phrase икра осетра (ikra osetra, ‘caviar of sturgeon’). At one time, the term “ossetra” simply referred to Russian sturgeon species harvested for this type of caviar.

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